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I have been sick, so sitting around at home a lot, and wanted something to entertain me. I checked out the free versions of the Snark Busters games and enjoyed them enough to buy them. Unlike other hidden objects games, these actually have a progressive storyline, and I enjoy that the objects being collected are used to complete tasks. It’s way less repetetive-feeling than some similar games. Challenging enough to keep me interested, but not too difficult to take away the fun.

Worth $7

This game is pretty awesome. It's pretty hard. Some people complained about the difficulty but I enjoyed the challenge. It's also pretty long and the graphics are pretty cool. I have been trying to find something similar to Tiny Bang Story and Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings (which are my two favorite games) and this is up there with them.


MOOOORE! I can't stop playing this game!!!!! IT ROCKS!

Snark Busters Welcome to the Club

Great game - has me going and circles - my head is spinning - my eyes are crossed. In other words a great hidden object game !!!


This game is a lot of fun

Great game!

I love playing hidden object and puzzle games, so this game was perfect for me. It was hard to stop playing once I started! I've beat the game three times since I bought it, and it was still fun each time.

Nice but

I am enjoying the game but I can not get the sound to work.

Fun Game

Good point and click adventure game. Wish it was longer and that the story line made sense but I guess Tiny Bang Story's story didn't make sense either. Good fun!

snark busters

great game. Having a blast

fun game

i love the game the only problem is i have a mac runing snow lepoard and i would like it on that mac but it is only for lion but no meters because i have a mac book runing lon


just like the tiny bang story!fun! fun! fun! but if you want to go on,you shoud pay for it….

Like !!

I really like this game !!! Thank so much !!

Great! Just a little short...

It was a good deal for the price, but I would've loved this one to continue on a bit longer! Only took a few hours to complete. Loved the whole thing, though - awesome graphics, great variety of puzzles, and a classic hidden objects adventure with a fun and funky story.


Stuck on a level where it wont let continue! Skeleton willnot move! Very frustrating.

Great fun.

I showed this to my 9 year old grandson when he came over today. He didn't even get his legos out of the box. This occupied him fully, eventually drawning in his sister and my teenaged daughter. Great graphics - very absorbing.

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